Audi S4 Microsite

Audi S4 microsite

I won Gold at Loeries with this piece, along with my good friend Dylan Smith. I came up with concept, design and most actionscript.

It’s an old piece of work from 2004, but I still enjoy looking at from time to time. The big idea at the time was to use ‘full-bleed’ car imagery. Most car sites stuck their pride and joys into little windows. If the site was seriously advanced you could click on it for a bigger pop-up.

I wanted big fuck-off car pictures to take up the entire site – pratically obscuring the navigation in the process. Chuckle. I don’t think I’d be so brash nowadays.

Visit: Audi S4 Microsite


About torgnyhylen

I'm an digital creative director working in Cape Town South Africa for Ogilvy Interactive. I've been designing in some capacity for the last 14 years, 12 of those online. I love what I do... and if there was one thing I wish I could do more of... it would be to paint. Besides movies and art, my other serious past-time is good old pen & paper role-playing games. Writing stories for friends that take years to complete and are improved beyond recogination by their participation is a real kick.
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