Castle Lager 9644

Castle Lager was the big beer brand in the South African market. It started rapidly losing market share as South Africa’s political landscape changed. The brand was struggling.The cool crowd, the young progressive black urban market, saw Castle as a dated brand drunk by older men. The challenge was to get it back into the hearts and minds of the identified target market, 25-34 city living black males. But how?

Castle Lager ran the 9644 project, very successfully I must add, for 2 years. In the third year, a new management team on client-side stepped in and didn’t see the benefit in continuing the programme. A fellow designer, Vumile Mavumengwana, worked on the print material and we fed each other ideas throughout the project. If he was a little too rough in his design, I was too refined – together mixed up we found an original style we both loved to work in.

View some of the scamps for the never-seen third year of the 9644 programme.

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About torgnyhylen

I'm an digital creative director working in Cape Town South Africa for Ogilvy Interactive. I've been designing in some capacity for the last 14 years, 12 of those online. I love what I do... and if there was one thing I wish I could do more of... it would be to paint. Besides movies and art, my other serious past-time is good old pen & paper role-playing games. Writing stories for friends that take years to complete and are improved beyond recogination by their participation is a real kick.
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5 Responses to Castle Lager 9644

  1. Hayward Flanagan says:

    I was part of the very first VIP`s sent from CPT to Jozi. It was all very surreal at first. We were flown to JOZI, upon arrival we boarded a Castle bus loaded with Castle Lagers. We were then booked in at a hotel also loaded with beer. A massive party was organized and all the other VIP`s from around SA finally hooked up. I miss the party`s Sholto and his crew threw. They were really out of this world. Best party must be the Castle. I must say that this campaign was very successful as i know for a fact that a lot of my guests changed their brands after 9644. I still have my Castle Lager disposable camera. Respect.

  2. Jess says:

    Do you guys know why it was specifically that number: 9644?

    • torgnyhylen says:

      From Charles Glass’s signature. Castle lager beer was called 9644 as slang due to how the Glass part was read in the black townships. The G = 9, la = 6 and the two s’s as 4’s. Do a google image search for charles glass castle lager and you can see it.

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