Melrose M-Wedge Patrol


This is a flash game I built with Kyle Ward. I wrote the story (with some help from Rosie Bradshaw), designed the game mechanic, illustrated (with some help from Dean Foster), coloured and animated it over christmas 2005.

I learnt that having a fun, balanced game is half the battle. Hell, its less than 10% of the battle. The real deal is in drive to web and we simply didn’t have enough, despite a saturday morning kids tv show playing it on-air for 3 weeks running and numerous banners on various sites and three Sony PSPs to be won, kids just didn’t find it.

Hard lesson, but one well learned.

It got bronze at Loeries 2006.

Visit: Melrose M-Wedge Patrol


About torgnyhylen

I'm an digital creative director working in Cape Town South Africa for Ogilvy Interactive. I've been designing in some capacity for the last 14 years, 12 of those online. I love what I do... and if there was one thing I wish I could do more of... it would be to paint. Besides movies and art, my other serious past-time is good old pen & paper role-playing games. Writing stories for friends that take years to complete and are improved beyond recogination by their participation is a real kick.
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