A little bit about me

Torgny Hylen portraitI’m a digital designer with his own shop and 17 years experience. I have worked for Ogilvy Cape Town from 2002 until 2009, where I first worked then ran their interactive division for just over 7 years. Here’s my work website: Hylen Digital.

I love movies, art, gaming and tech and a good old pen & paper role-playing game. I really enjoy writing stories for friends that take years for us to play through. The stories are immeasurably improved by their participation and its a real kick to co-create a private mythos.

Other than that, I’m in my 30s; live in Cape Town, South Africa and doodle constantly.


One Response to A little bit about me

  1. torgnyhylen says:

    The audi widget? if so then I’d direct the query to lee-ann.james@ogilvy.co.za who is the account executive for Audi. I’ve since left Ogilvy to start my own company, so I’m afraid I can be of no assistance. thanks.

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