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Thailand is beautiful

Thailand is a magical country, full of smiling patient locals, overweight red tourists, delicious food and furry mosquitoes. The thai massages are a daily indulgence. The water is warm and very salty. The ladyboys like me (go figure) and it’s … Continue reading

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What do the Bahamas and Cannes have in common?

Well me. I’ve been to both and uploaded my photos to flickr. The Bahamas were taken 5 years ago, December 2003 and Cannes was this year July 2008 at the advertising awards show. Enjoy. 🙂

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Tweet! Tweet!

I’m on twitter! So now the whole world can know immediately how I’m living my life. 30 years from now I’ll compile the one-liners into a memoir called “140 characters”. chuckle. I’m torgnyhylen on twitter so look me up and … Continue reading

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web standards rap

Seriously funny… but also true.

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I’m fucking Matt Damon (Sarah Silverman)

This is damn funny. Jimmy Kimmel is an American talk show host. He’s been making playful digs at Matt Damon for a long time. Sarah Silverman is a female comedienne who is also Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend. Matt and Sarah conspired … Continue reading

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Reggie Watts

This guy is unbelievably cool. I was there at Design Indaba Cape Town 2007 when he did his thing. We were all blown away. The audience wasn’t expecting anything like what he did, thanks in part to a bogus biography … Continue reading

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Tales of Mere Existence

Lev Yilmaz is a genius. Not only has he cottoned onto the cheapest form of “animation” possible (filming himself drawing on the opposite side of a back-lit sheaf of paper that “hides” his drawing hand sufficiently for it to appear … Continue reading

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