Audi A5 won Site of the Day at The Favourite Website Awards

Hold on to your molars! The Audi A5 microsite that won gold at the Loeries 2008 also won Site of the Day at This is a truly remarkable site as it has a new (usually Flash) site daily that’s worthy of consideration. If you’re a web designer you have to know about this site for inspirational (ripping off) purposes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lesser known but equally interesting is This has movie clips like Youtube, but with much better quality and faster download times. The site doesn’t feature silly videos though and has a decent collection of showreels, animated clips, advertising and trailers. Check it out.

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Tweet! Tweet!

I’m on twitter! So now the whole world can know immediately how I’m living my life. 30 years from now I’ll compile the one-liners into a memoir called “140 characters”. chuckle.

I’m torgnyhylen on twitter so look me up and get a sneak preview at the eventual book. ๐Ÿ˜›

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Ffffound is my favourite website is a site were users upload interesting pictures, sometimes photos but mostly illustrations, that appeal to an aesthetic. These aren’t jokey pics, so don’t expect to see kittens falling off tvs. The best bit is that when you click an image you go to a page with similar images. Hours can disappear from your life by just following the images. Its awesome.

I’ve made a screensaver by batch downloading a whole bunch of ffffound images and then point my slideshow screensaver to that folder. I’ve got about 5,000 images and the best screensaver I’ve ever had. Coolest thing is I got 3 screens at work and each of them displays different images. Bliss. ๐Ÿ™‚

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web standards rap

Seriously funny… but also true.

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I’m fucking Matt Damon (Sarah Silverman)

This is damn funny.

Jimmy Kimmel is an American talk show host. He’s been making playful digs at Matt Damon for a long time. Sarah Silverman is a female comedienne who is also Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend. Matt and Sarah conspired and got their revenge on Jimmy during his live talk show by airing the below clip. It’s now been made famous by Youtube.

I’m fucking Matt Damon – youtube link removed.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel replies with a video of his own. His has a bigger budget.

I’m fucking Ben Affleck – youtube link removed.

For more info, read this article from People Magazine.

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Weylandts is Live!


The new Weylandts website is live. Emma Carpenter (Art Director), Neil Garb (Senior Developer) and Carrie Davidson (Copywriter) have created a beautiful informative site that is chock-full of functionality. The CMS backend is just as beautiful functionally as the front-end is aesthetically.My involvement was only right in the beginning, drafting the first wireframes of the new site. Emma then took those and improved upon them immeasurably – later with the help of Neil.

Our stats are immediately showing a huge increase in average page views (25) and time spent browsing (12 minutes). Which is testimony to all the seriously hardcore thinking that went into this build.

I’m tremendously proud of their achievement. Go have a look at what they made.

The site:

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Audi A5 microsite goes Live!


I’m very please to announce that the Audi A5 microsite went live yesterday. This is a culmination of 8 weeks of work and I’m tremendously proud of the final result. Thanks go to Rudolf Vavruch who was the actionscripter/developer on the project – he also has quite a developed sense of the aesthetic and can be relied upon for some cut-throat critique (the only & best kind) even if its 3am. Carrie Davidson wrote the deliberately minimalist copy. David Orridge created the first conceptual 3D model which helped to sell the idea to client. Ferdi Dick from Disko (a subsidiary of “Am I Collective” based in Cape Town) built, animated and rendered the 3D – thanks Ferdi for keeping it beautiful.

This is the largest microsite (in terms of mb) I’ve ever built, relying on quite a bit of sexy video. It also has the most photographs (something over 40) and the most wallpaper downloads (21) of any car microsite I’ve ever built.

It is Ogilvy Interactive’s singular Cannes entry this year. I hope it does well. ๐Ÿ™‚

The link:

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